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About #Equinehour

#EquineHour was set up by ourselves, Susan and Andrew in May 2014, when over a glass of wine, we were discussing with a friend the best way to promote her stud. While chatting that night it appeared that a lot of businesses, events, service providers, horses owners and enthusiasts could benefit from a twitter platform that connects people in the equine community, and so #EquineHour was born.

#EquineHour is not a media company, we both have normal working lives in completely separate fields not related to the Equestrian world. However we are both avid social media users and horse owners with a passion across numerous equestrian fields.

Events Through a Lense
Founders of #Equinehour Andrew & Susan Green

#Equinehour has grown dramatically since that first tweet. Now the highest trending equestrian hour on twitter. We offer regular competitions, promotions and features.

Our Q & A sessions with some of the Equestrian worlds elite, gives you the opportunity to ask the questions that are personal you and speak straight to the horses mouth (excuse the pun). We pride ourselves on the fact that we are working to connect genuine equestrians and that all our followers have a shared interest in the horse world.

So why not join us this Sunday 8pm-9pm on Twitter
Mr and Mrs EquineHour

#EquineHour - Join in - How it Works

To take part in #EquineHour on a Sunday and join in the group conversation you will need to follow a few simple steps, these will vary slightly depending on the device you are using

Join #EquineHour on a Mobile

1. Type #EquineHour into the search bar
2. Click on ALL TWEETS
3. You will now see everything that is being posted by us, other followers and anyone using the #EquineHour hashtag
4. If you want to join us just add #Equinehour to your tweet.

Join #EquineHour on a Desktop

1. Type #EquineHour into the search bar
2. Click on #EquineHour, the first line NOT the #EquineHour that has the picture
3. Click on LIVE
4. If you want to join us just add #Equinehour to your tweet.

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